Before I was old enough to go to school- before I was stupid enough to believe ‘there’s no such thing as witches’… I knew one. She haunted every thought, and hid around every corner. She was always under the bed waiting with daggers, and if I dared look out of the window and into the […]

  Twice a day, I would walk past the TAB. On the two seats outside there were often old guys smoking cigarettes under three big windows; two with a screen-printed image, and another just clear glass. Little men in white pants and colourful tops sat on top of puffed looking horses. Then through the window […]

It started to rain heavily, so we stopped for a minute under a big tree outside a catholic boys school. All Blacks had been there. Parents in suits and big cars raced up to the gutters and stopped just long enough to let out a gangly teenager or two. The rain showed no sign of […]

It is a well-known myth that Aotearoa New Zealand is a classless society that values egalitarianism, social mobility, and home ownership. You only need to look at Glen Innes’s welcome sign to see this idea in action: “A new opportunity every day!” In a cluster of Auckland suburbs known as Tamaki, this dream is still […]